What makes you happy?

@mayrose (323)
September 25, 2008 10:58pm CST
I'm happy when im with my family, talking about everything that happens to us the whole day, exchanging corny jokes,eating snacks and watching t.v shows. Im also happy when im with my friends, sharing our own stories bout school work and lovelife. Simple things that makes me smile and complete with my life right now.
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• Philippines
26 Sep 08
yeah that's right spending time with your family that also make me happy.....joking with my friends....that completes my day.....
@ShellyB (5242)
• United States
26 Sep 08
I love playing cards with my loved ones and drink coffee at the same time (or ice tea) I like nice long dinners. I love to go for long walks sometimes and stared at the mountains.
@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
there are lots of things that make me happy. even the littlest of things can make me smile. despite the gloomy situation that i'm in right now i can still make room for happiness. i'm a bit cynical but i'm also realistic so i don't really stress out over things and i just accept them as they are. i think when you don't have a lot of expectations and you learn to accept things as they are and not ask for more than what it could do then you can be happy always. let's not overrate happiness. sometimes, we go out of our way to be happy. we're so obssessed in making ourselves happy that we lost sight of the fact that putting others before ourselves can make us happy beyond our expectation. sometimes, sacrificing our own happiness to give others reason to smile can generate happiness that can last forever.
@lovenluck (1068)
• India
26 Sep 08
Happiness for me is satisfaction. I am happy when I am satisfied, satisfied with the work I do, satisfaction on my achievement, satisfaction when taking new responsibilities and so on. If i am doing something just because I have to or I need to then that is not happiness for me. Externally i might be smiling and happy but I feel happiness is a feeling and it comes only when we are happy from deep inside.
• Canada
26 Sep 08
I'm happy when I am with my friends or talking to them on the phone cause I like to be with them. I am happy when I get somethign I want or when me and my boyfriend go out somewhere fun. I am happy when I am shopping cause I lvoe to shop and more happy if I have money to shop with. I am mostly happy all the time cause I am a happy person. I dont like when I am not happy so I try to stay happy all the time and my freidns say I am a bubbly person to be with and that I make them happy cause it speads to them to.