Is U.S. a safe place for Non-U.S. people to earn a living?

@abhichin (159)
September 27, 2008 12:13am CST
Hello friend , one of my friend needs your help.He was just wondering that should he go to U.S. for further studies or should he complete his further studies in India.He wants to go to U.S. but problem he has is that he is feared of going to U.S. and that too has a reason for it.Once his uncle went to U.S. He was robbed off all his valuables by a taxi driver at gun point. Moreover there have been news of shoot outs in many colleges by students.Almost everyone has gun if i am not wrong.One more thing that these days some companies are getting bankrupted, so they have made many employees to leave the job.So after looking into these cases do you think that is it good for my friend or any other non-U.S. resident to go and make a living in these circumstances or Will he or she be able to survive and earn peacefully.
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@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
30 Nov 08
Remember that what you hear on the news is usually only the bad things. Yes there have been a couple of school shootings, but that could happen anywhere, and remember those were only a couple collges out of the thousands of colleges we have hear in the United States. It is unfortunate what happened to his uncle, but those are not things that occur every where. He was probably in a bad area, and there are bad areas in every country all over the world. But this is not the typical behavior of the average American. Most Americans are very nice, and America is the melting pot of the world so we have people of every nationality living here, going to school here, and working here. We are having some problems with our economy now, but are working hard to fix the problems. Your friend would be fine coming here to work or go to school. He should just check out which areas are nice before coming. My husband works with many people from India and likes them very much. This is probably not the best time to come here looking for work because of the economy but it is certainly safe in most of the country to live here. I am sorry your friend's uncle was robbed, that is terrible, but not something a most Americans would condone.
27 Sep 08
Hi abhichin, As I have not been to the States, I cannot coment but I have heard its not a safe place to be if you don't live and used to it, but no matter where you go there will always be danger, you have to take risk or you will never be able to travel and study but I say go for it. Tamara