Tattoo Ads - How much is worth it?

United States
October 7, 2008 6:21pm CST
I was just playing around, looking to see how much I could get if I ever wanted to sell advertising space on my body. I've heard that companies are lately paying people to get their logos tattooed on their bodies. I'm really not all that serious about it, but I set a number in my head: If I find someone willing to pay $10,000 (which would take care of my car payment entirely), I would think more about it. Possibly even do it! Then I found an article about a guy who gets these tattoo ads for money. He has a large tattoo on his forearm, multi-colored, that says "Save Martha". For which he was paid only $510!! $510!!! What kind of payment would be acceptable for you to get an advertisement permanently tattooed on your body?
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