why breakin' up?

October 8, 2008 9:30am CST
What is the usual reason of breaking up? I noticed that breaking up has been a trend even in married couples. We can hardly find lovers that last long and if we do, they worked hard for it.
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@khasime (15)
• Philippines
2 May 09
Well.. In our world and time right now, it is not really easy to find someone that won't allow even a single tear to fall from your eyes. Relationships are ending because it is not working or in the later run, they would discover that they are not really compatible to each other. The reason why that we should really get to know the person before letting them entering into our lives. We should learn to respect, love, and trust them. Choosing the right person would let us avoid any heart aches in the future. They would say, you're blessed when you have lost someone dear to you... You will be embraced by someone more dear to you... So if ever it didn't work, take this as your principle when loving and losing someone you love. ( winks)
• United States
8 Oct 08
Yeah, seems the relationship nowadays cannot last long.I also doubt why. My best friend broke up with 5 years her boyfriend because of distance. Thus, I think long distance is the love killer.Also, if one doesn't share much in common with his/her partner, the relationship won't last long.
@thanujad (405)
• Sri Lanka
8 Oct 08
Yes. I agree with you. I think the usual reason for breaking up is lack of commitment, trust, honesty, love and also not prepared to sacrifice certain things for each other.
@Shar1979 (2722)
• United States
8 Oct 08
there are a lot of reasons why couples break up. others are financial reasons while others are lack of comunication or love just simple fades in time
• Germany
8 Oct 08
I think that there are a lot reasons to breaking up. All people and all couples are different and you can not foresee what will be.
• India
8 Oct 08
The only possible reason I see is lack of understanding. Probably we tend to expect a lot from our partner. A relationship can stay healthy only if it is bonded by love,care and trust :)