What do you think you should do to terrorists who are using Chemical weapons?

@thanujad (405)
Sri Lanka
October 9, 2008 12:18pm CST
Recently media reported that LTTE (terrorist group in my country) is planning to use chemical weapons. Our defenses denied it bluntly, weeks after that they attacked our army using chemical weapons. Well it's said to be none lethal version, CS Gas. But this news is startling. It's reported that some of our soldiers became ill after that. What if LTTE use these weapons on civilians, CS Gas in a fully packed bus could be lethal enough to kill many innocent people. Or they could even use lethal Gas like chlorine. Like in Japan LTTE will have only minor effect on our army, If they use Gas in open areas. Chemical weapons are successful only if they are deployed in large amounts, possibly from air. But there is a possibility of LTTE using chemical weapons on civilians. What do you think we should do to stop them using chemical weapons? Who actually makes them? How do you think we should punish them?
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