South Africa
October 16, 2008 1:26am CST
I am so desperate to loose weight!! And I want to do it real fast as well. I've been thinking about going on a fad diet, despite of all the health issues. I don't want to hear concerns about fad diets, I want to hear from people who have been on fad diets. I want to know how you felt when on one? Did it work? Will you do it again? And which fad diet were you on?
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@efemtee (158)
• Philippines
22 Oct 08
There is really nothing good in rushing. Remember that everything is a process. So you need to do things little by little until you achieve the figure that you want. You could start eating much healthier foods and trim down on the unhealthy ones. Do things little by little until you become used to eating just enough amount. Don't drastically decrease the quantity of what you eat since this may cause drawbacks later on. Also, you need to exercise regularly, start from two crunches everyday until you go up to 50 crunches everyday when you can already do more. Of course, you need to sleep a lot. I have heard that sleep does help one burn fat. Finally, have the will to lose wait because everything is just pointless without the will. Anyway, you need not worry about your weight so much. You have many things to deal with in life, and there are many things that await you there for you to enjoy. Enjoy life!... :)
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• China
21 Oct 08
try this: boiled egg+green tea+yogurt (you can have as much as you like) for 3-5 days, drink a lot of water, you'll see the result soon!
@gaisri (154)
• India
21 Oct 08 a succesful weight loser. By the way, you did not mention whether you or a veg or a non-veg. Try this one which works very successful for me..Take one apple in the morning as breakfast.Apple will increase your metabolism. By eating an apple, you get 70 calories and you need 140 calories to digest it..Net to nett, you loose 70 calories by eating an apple and also get your stomach filled. As usual, avoid oil, butter, bread and Dairy items.Do this sincerely for 4 months and see the result
@jillhill (37379)
• United States
17 Oct 08
I am using portion control and not eating after far I've lost 8 pounds in just a couple of weeks and I feel so much better. I eat whatever I want but in moderation....that way I don't crave anything. I can't believe I feel so much pants fit better! LOL
@sunshine4 (8707)
• United States
16 Oct 08
I have taken every pill that they have made! I figure I can try it and if it works, I am happy. I was thinking of trying Alli, but I don't have much to loose and someone told me that that pill give you bad diarreah. Right now I am trying something called Orovo. I just started taking it on Monday and have lost about 3 pounds, but haven't even watched what I am eating. ON Monday I went to McDonalds and had a burger and fries. I do know that some of the pills will make you feel gittery, but these don't do that to me.
@smdivin (20)
• United States
16 Oct 08
I actually did start one about a month ago with my roommate. It's the 3-day diet. Basically, you follow a strict meal plan for three days and then eat like you normally would for the other four days (or at least sensibly if you normally eat a lot of junk food). They say you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week on this one, which I did during the first week, but it's mainly water weight that you lose. I didn't even think it was possible to lose that much weight in a week, but that is what my scale told me! The second week I lost 4 pounds, didn't do it last week, and am about to start again this week. It really wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be. The only difference I noticed between being on and off the diet was that I was hungry more during those three days, but not starving. Other than my undying craving for Dr. Pepper, it went well!
@jarael (666)
16 Oct 08
i have been on a watermelon diet for breakfast and lunch and then a eat a healthy meal for dinner/tea. i felt drained, sick and i was really hungry, after about 3 days of this, i had lost 5 pounds which was great, but i really was not feeling great. i finally gave in and ordered a chinese. the feeling i had after eating it was much better then the feeling of losing 5 pounds. i also did a weekend diet detox, all i ate was fruit, veg and brown rice. i had a killer migraine all weekend, was very irritable. i will never again go on any fad diet, they make me feel like s**t. and is not worth it, i only put the weight straight back on again and more. there are a few diets that dont really seem like diets when u get used to them. weightwatchers is quite good and also one im very keen on is patrick holfords gl diet, which works with blood sugar levels. at the moment im on the diet. my own diet, its called eat what the heck i like and do moderate exercise diet lol. im doing it for one week and the rules are that i can eat whatever i fancy, as long as i do 30 mins of any exercise a day. i must deny myself nothing. i find when i think differently i am not craving as much as i did when i was denying myself on it.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
16 Oct 08
I think you just have to eat everything in moderation and walk a fair bit and i quite believe the idea that if you have a hot tea after you eat it helps to flush the fats down a bit, i think that sounds logical...and I have heard if you drinkt two glassed of apple cider vinegar in water a day that also helps....