Fried egg with potatoes,do you eat it?

October 17, 2008 8:49am CST
I don't like cooking,so I will be doing seveal dish.Eggs fried potatoes I was regularly eat vegetables.Heat the oil,I put an egg,and then wire into the potatoes,after cooked often paster flavor.This is my very favorite dish,I hve the vegetable to eat rice dish.Do you eat it? How to eat this kind of taste?
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@arpitaman (170)
• India
17 Oct 08
i eat fried eg with potatoes but i usually add spices to it and then i enjoy it with my rice along wth someketchup
• China
18 Oct 08
Do you feel it well?
• India
20 Oct 08
i m sorry i didnt get ur comment
• Australia
18 Oct 08
I cook potatoes then when its meal time ,cook bacon and onion diced then add potatoes fry till done to the crisp you like. Fry up two eggs. place potato on plate add egg on top,enjoy.
• China
18 Oct 08
How taste good potatoes is!Everyone begin to eat potatoes!
@bdugas (3578)
• United States
19 Oct 08
My husband eats his fried eggs on top of rice, he will eat it for breakfast or he will eat it for dinner, he loves it. As for me I don't want any rice in my eggs, I like to fry potatoes at night for supper then refry them in the morning and eat with my eggs. Some times I add vegetables to my omletts, ( bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, grilled then added..