Ciao! Hmm..Maybe..

@Lazers (152)
October 18, 2008 11:46am CST
For you US people, writing a review on ciao, = around 1 dollar. 5 reviews, = 5 dollars. Because i live in the Uk, and the exchange rate is rubbish, i assume that because is in GBP i will only receive around 1.50GBP for my 5 reviews. And That's not good. Anyone know how much i will actually get paid?
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@amerie86 (148)
18 Oct 08
we get £2.89 for 5 dollars. which aint all that good but hey they exchange rate changes all the time.
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@Metalchick (1391)
18 Oct 08
I am a member with both sites and wasn't aware I could join the american version as well until I read a discussion on here. But apparrently providing you have paypal you can join it. I have only posted one review so far and earnt just over $1 which is equivalent to about 50p. Not bad for the same amount of effort I put in on the UK version.
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@pkc3000 (1266)
• India
18 Oct 08
Dear lazers Recently I have joined in the site and I think it is good site and also caters all categories of my interest. The earning is also good. Making friends is also impressive. Overall I find it very good site. pkc3000
@marina321 (4556)
19 Oct 08
For 2 reviews on, I earned £0.04. For two reviews on, I earned $2 which is £1.16 when I convert using the XE converter You do the maths
@curiousman (2427)
• Malaysia
18 Oct 08
it sounds really bad. May I know what the current exchange rate is? Just being curious.
@Jul14nch0 (1414)
• Argentina
19 Oct 08
Why not to join instead? I am from Argentina so i guess was the best for me since i can write in spanish. But i joined becouse there they pay trough paypal, and in .es trough bank transfer and paypal is best for me