Bree and Orson Divorcing?

United States
October 26, 2008 5:40pm CST
Ok, I saw an ad from Desperate Housewives, and it showed Orson asking Bree for a divorce because she seemed more worried about it not being fair to Katherine to hire Orson. He said she was putting her first. I think that it was unfair of him to ask that of her in the first place. The reason he can't find a job is because he is a felon. It seems he is trying to make that Bree's fault. And I guess, to a point, it is. But only because she wouldn't take him back unless he confessed and paid for his crime. He's the one who made the decision to run over Mike in the first place! Now it seems all he does is make her feel bad that she is more successful than he is. I say, give him the dang divorce! I was actually starting to like him a bit, after very much disliking him in the beginning,lol! Good riddance,lol!
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• Australia
8 Dec 09
Don't know where you have watched up too, but Bree wants a divorce because Orson has a stealing problem which she can't stand...In one episode he said to the Shrink Bree hired to help him that he's doing it to punish her (for the way she's treating him I think)
@sunshine4 (8706)
• United States
26 Oct 08
I don't like Orson and Bree together. They just don't fit to me. Bree did say that she would hire Orson, but the way she has been treating him, he should divorce her. I haven't liked bree at all this season. She use to be one of my favorites too.
@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
26 Oct 08
Actually at the end of last weeks episode Bree gave in and was going to hire him, because she wanted to work on her marriage and make it work. So I don't see a divorce happening, at least not yet. I believe tonights episode is going to go back and cover the 5 years that we missed when they jumped ahead this season, so the Bree and Orson un-happiness story is not likely to happen tonight. Bree will still need to deal with Katherine after deciding to hire Orson, and Katherine is not going to be happy, and of course Orson will not have the skills that Katherine has, so it should be fun to see how it all pans out.