What you think of stepmother?

October 26, 2008 11:21pm CST
As above, what do you guys think of stepmother? are they all bad and they mistreat their children? do you have a stepmother and how did she treat you? Do you think people have a mindset of stepmothers are all bad because of the story of snow white? In my opinion not all stepmothers are bad and treat their children unfairly, but definitely there are bad ones out there who drag them down. Share your views~
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@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
27 Oct 08
There are good and bad people in all walks of life. I am sure there are many terrible step mothers, but I am sure that there are more good ones than bad ones. My sister is a step mother, and she treats her children like they are hers. She loves them as much and treats them as well as any natural mother would. If you didn't know she was their step mother you would never know they were not her kids. So I know that there are some amazing step mothers out there.
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@sacmom (14250)
• United States
29 Oct 08
My stepmother didn't help raise me, but I did stay at my dad's house a couple of times when I was a teenager and I never encountered any problems with her. But maybe it was because I was a teenager she didn't want to get on my bad side. Who knows? LOL
@adihindu (1922)
• India
27 Oct 08
I don't say all the step motheres are bad. I have a stepmother. But she is not that much good and that much bad. But she is not suitable as a mother to me. I think some of the stepmothers treat children as their own children. But in my case it is not like that.
• China
27 Oct 08
It is difficult to say whether a stepmother is good or bad.Human nature is the most difficult to carve and polish,people are different from each other,my opinion is just like yours,and there isn't a people who is completely bad,and also there isn't a people who is perfect.
@jstmarfz (1498)
• United States
27 Oct 08
Not all stepmothers are mean like what snow white and Cinderella stories. I, myself in a young age is a step mother of 2 teenagers now. I tried to have a nice relationship with them of course because of my husband which their dad and also they're a nice kids too. But sometimes its awkward in other side I am happy because we hang out and spend time sometimes. Being a step mother is really tough especially when kids doesn't like you. Though there are step mothers that are really mean and greedy. It depends how the step mom relationship to the kids..I think
• United States
27 Oct 08
i have a stepmother but i was grown & married when i got her. she was always good to me & real good to my youngest son. she's in a nursing home now with alzhiemers & doesn't know me or my son anymore. very sad.