what is the face of an ugly person?

@Rainegurl (2158)
October 30, 2008 4:35am CST
i do not think that there is a physically ugly person. i think each one of us (including me, of course! LOL!) is beautiful in our own special ways. the perfect nose, the smooth skin, the expressive eyes, the unique hair color... but what makes a person ugly for me is the attitude of being close minded. the inability to consider other people's feelings. what do you think? mwah!
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@Grandmaof2 (7602)
• Canada
2 Nov 08
Some people have nicer hair, eyes or body than others but whats in the inside is what matters the most. In my travels I always found that the better looking the boys were the biggar jerks they were so there you go. I see you're from the philippines and I have met a few people from the philippines and I have never seen an ugly one yet. Especially the women are very pretty.
@Porcospino (30081)
• Denmark
2 Nov 08
Beauty tips: For beautiful eyes, look for the good in people For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry For beautiful hair, let a child run their hand through it And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you will never walk alone Audrey Hepburn I heard that quote long ago, and when I read this discussion I suddenly remembered those beauty tips and I decided to share them with you as they express my opinion of beauty. I think that true beauty comes from within and so does ugliness. Your words and your behaviour can make you ugly, but your face and your body can't.
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
I agree with you that one of the factors that can make a person ugly is close-mindedness and "the inability to consider other people's feelings." Add to that dishonesty. Personally, I agree that "true beauty comes from within." Vanity, conceit, insincerity and selfishness are traits that make a person ugly. One may seem to "have it all" but if there is bitterness, greed and pride in the person's heart, no matter how much the person tries to hide it, it will show: in how he treats other people, in his manner of speech and in his character.
• India
30 Oct 08
beauty and ugliness is in the eyes of the beholder; atleast thats my take in this matter. you are right it is the inability of people to see the real others that leads to a lot of problems.