Where does happinese come from?

@lucy67 (819)
November 6, 2008 7:37am CST
Do you think that happiness lies within you? Or does it depend upon other people and external things?
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@sankata (236)
• Estonia
6 Nov 08
I think both. The happiness lies in people. And it can depend from other people and external things. When you think positively, it always helps to be little more happy. And the other people beside you are nice and you like being with them, it also helps to be more happy. But the most important is to be happy yourself.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
6 Nov 08
Hello,Lucy! Happiness comes from within.Lot depends on our actions and mood.If we do something good to others or if we do something special we feel happy.Of course some eternal force is there to guide you to happiness.thanx.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
6 Nov 08
I think most happiness comes from with inside a person. Most people can be happy no matter what is going on in their life.
• Philippines
6 Nov 08
I believe that happiness lies within a one self. It's upto us if we want to be happy or not. Everything lies in our decision in life. We can worry on something meaningless or we can ignore them and choose to look at the brighter side.
@loxion (1551)
• India
6 Nov 08
I think is a two way situation. You might find that someone that makes you happy but only to find that deep in your heart you have dome problems that always make you feel sad at all times. I think happines lies within your heart, when you are ahppy then everything about should be happy When someone makes you happy, it will only last for that period they spend with you and after that you go back to your original state, if something really getting on your way of life, then you'll never be happy until you find solution to that problem. Things like not having job and being depressed by something will always cause your life to be someohow and obviously you cannot be happy with situations like those.
@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
6 Nov 08
I think it comes from within you.There are ample stories to show that many people have all they need materially yet they are unhappy.However ,that is not say that you cant have people around you who make you happy .The fact of the matter though is if you are not satisfied in your own skin ,there is nothing anyone can do to change this.So seek self approval first and then associate with people that simply enhance your better qualities