Must. Knit. Quickly.

November 7, 2008 10:06am CST
How fast can you knit a present? I have procrastinated on knitting a gift for my cousin, who is expecting. Now she is due on Sunday, so I have 2 days to knit a hat or some booties. I was hoping to do little booties, but I have to work both days, so I do not know if I will have time. I'm very excited though. This has happened before. At my husband's work, when someone is pregnant, they have a baby shower for her. usually I have lots of notice and put together a gift with a knitted hat, a book, that kind of thing. Just something little so my husband has something to give (then he leaves - showers are boring to him. I'll ask him what other people gave, or whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, and he'll only be able to tell me what the snacks were like.). One day he comes home from work and says, casually, that there is a shower in two days, he just forgot to tell me about it, but he can help me make a gift. He went into my yarn box, and started pulling out yarns, saying this would be nice. I did manage to knit a hat and wrap it prettily, but I didn't manage a card. Apparently, he never told anyone which gift was his, so they had to guess.
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15 Oct 11
once i get started i can usually knit pretty quickly but i procrastinate alot and i do not have alot of time to dedicate to knitting to begin with i have been working on the same sweater for about two years and the same blanket for about six months now haha but wow he let you know with two days notice? wow typical man i have to hand it to you though i do not think i would have been able to pull it off i do not think i would have even been able to get the little hat done knitting takes me forever for do but knitting does make a good baby shower gift
@nancygibson (3736)
• France
28 Jan 09
Just wondering, did you ever get your gift made on time and did they like it. OOh, and the baby must be here by now!
@peavey (16992)
• United States
23 Dec 08
I just finished knitting a throw for a Christmas gift. I couldn't make up my mind whether to do it or not, but decided to at the last moment, so I understand the rush, rush feeling of trying to get it done! Hope you got them finished in time.
@applefreak (3131)
• Singapore
17 Dec 08
i am currently knitting scarves as christmas presents. it's a really simple scarf, no fancy pattern or whatsoever. it's basically thirty stitches across, knit all the way. it takes me about two to three days to finish one. i do it when i'm commuting or reading the newspaper. i've completed about five or six. hopefully i'll be able to make enough to give to everyeon. i'm sure your cousin has already given birth by now. so what have your done for her?
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7 Nov 08
I have faith in you, cutepenguin! Pick a simple pattern that knits up quickly, and you'll do fine. I haven't knit in a long time, but I know that I can do a hat and booties in a few hours, and a simple yoked sweater for an infant in an evening. I love the story about your husband - sounds like he knows what you can do! Good luck with your gift!
@SketcherD (1114)
• Canada
7 Nov 08
Husbands you gotta love 'em!! They think that these things you knit just appear on their own!!