Talking about Having a Bad Day

United States
November 8, 2008 12:22pm CST
Ok yesterday my morning started at 5:00am I was on the road for work at 6:10am made it into the office and the systems were down on half the computers in the building. I fianlly found a desk where the system was up and goodie goodie my co-worker called off for the day. So I start my day at about 7:05am i'm not really focused because I lost my 5yr old niece to cancer Thursday daydreaming about our familys finiances and the funeral services time was just flying by it was 9:00 when I realised my co-worker(whom desk I was using) decided to come in. That was fine with me we were notified that the rest of the computers wouldn't be back in service until noon. So I decided to cut my day short go home and relax. So I left the job and decided since I was passing my favorite grocer I may as well take care of the shopping so I did. Afterwards I realised I left my cell phone at home so I called my husband from a pay phone so he could help with the groceries when I arrived. He said "Honey pease don't be upset" the first thing came to my mind was did my Parrot get sick or die so I asked. He said "no" so I said "what is it?"He said "well you know you let your sister borrow the convertable last night and sometime between last night and this morning someone slashed all the tires on you car and hers (which is not working)"She said I had to be her babys fathers wife because they had and argument. So once I arrived to my sisters place to assess the damage It cost me $110.00 to tow the car to the shop and another $140.00 for the new tires. I finally get the car to the shop a 11:57am and of course it only takes a few minutes to replace tires but the shop said thet I would not be ready until 3:00pm (WOW) when I got back to the shop to pick up the car they tell me they had to do some front end work because the Tow driver dropped the car. At this time i'm furious but I remain calm pay them the extra $100.00 and leave I decide i need a break so I pick my brother up we go get some dinner and I headed home when I got there I realised i'd lost $168.00 it must've fell out my purse or something due to all the madness. I still had my work bag with me my leather dress coat and boots that i'd wore to work and had to change into some comfy shoes and warm coat I keep in the car just in case I have to do some walking. Anyway I finally got home and rested about 11:30pm. So here I am this morning trying to digest all the madness. Now talk about having a bad day how was yours...LOL
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@celticeagle (123886)
• Boise, Idaho
8 Nov 08
My day was fine. I have less for people to mess with though so that may have something to do with it. And when things go wrong or different that the ordinary the day goes by faster. Then you can get on to another day and hopefully it will be better.