how many times?? how much??

@vinay049 (1839)
November 12, 2008 10:33am CST
hi friends.i have just received my first payout.but i know many people made many times here.i got 10.12 $.what about you friends?? how many times have you been paid and how much???
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@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
13 Nov 08
That is wonderful. I have been with Mylot for about two years now and they have paid me every month. I'm not sure how much. i have never added it all up.
@ElicBxn (61148)
• United States
13 Nov 08
I've been on for over a year and a half and have probably been paid a dozen or so times. If you figure that up, its over $100 dollars.
@CJay77 (4438)
• Australia
12 Nov 08
Hi there! Congrats again. I have just receive a payment and this is my first ever payout and very happy about it and I hope that I can do it every month. I guess keep posting and have fun.
@darksorrow (4667)
• Bangladesh
12 Nov 08
Congrats. I have not reached payout last So this month no payment. But i have got payment 3 times before from mylot. It does not matter to me. Because next month i will cash out
• India
12 Nov 08
Congratulations. Till now, i did not get any payout. Anyway i am trying my best to get. Happy Mylotting.
@Metalchick (1391)
12 Nov 08
Big congrats. I too have just recieved my first payout and it's really brightened my day. Had such a hectic run down day at work seeing that in my account is just what I needed and it makes you feel like your time at mylot has truely been appreciated. Hope we both manage to make payout next month but for now i'll just keep posting and enjoying it. Happy mylotting.
@sofmat (27)
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
i'm new here so i haven't gotten any points yet, or cash credits, so howd you do it man?