What are the Songs that picture out your Life or dedications for your self

November 14, 2008 12:47am CST
Do have any songs that makes you feel inspired? or pictured out your feelings?
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@silverjam (969)
• United States
18 Nov 08
I like a lot of songs....most of them are classical ones. Call me old fashioned but I like mostly of those old ones........and I like more on the melodies I guess than the lyrtics itself. The very song that really played some parts of me is the one that have lines like this: that's life 2x, you take the joy, you take the sorrow. Honestly I don't know what's the title of that song.....I only heard it reapetedly played on the 70's perhaps when I was in mg primary years. When I failed or something goes wrong, I just remeber those lyrics and it seems everything feels a little better. Afterall, that's life, you take the joy, you take the sorrow. Another lines of that song that inspires me a lot is this: that's life 2x, you're here today; you're gone tomorrow. When I had my failed relationships before, I just got to think of those lyrics and believe me, it eases the pains. These may sound "corny" but it has some significance on me. I hope I knew that song....but I onb ly got to knew those lines from it.....lol! but it did great jobs on me.
• Canada
18 Nov 08
Yeah there are many songs that makes us inspire or picturing out what we feel when we are sad or happy. A song is already a part of our lives and it always gives us some stregnth that we need.
@redchase (347)
14 Nov 08
oh my gosh there are so many songs that make you feel inspired and wonderful or frame a moment in time. right now i have a couple of songs that represent my feelings toward some people. the song that i adore right now is "back to you" by john mayer and "slow dancing in a burning room" by him as well. as for inspired, i think its corny but "i believe i can fly". nsync has this song called "do your thing" that gets me motivated to do well in life. im totally drawing a blank right now but i'll come back with more.