Are you fat? Do you do anything to reduce weight?

November 16, 2008 11:33am CST
A lot of us put on a lot of weight without realising it and suddenly you realise that yo are fat. then we keep delaying starting off a fitness regimen and in the process we put on more weight. after a certain stage it vbecoems very difficult to reduce weight. you feel hesitant to do exercise and feel ashamed of your shapless body. if yoi ahd started on time, probably you wouldn't be that fat today. it is not good to be fat and remember it is never too late to start if you are determined. What exercise do yo do to reduce if any? Lets share for the benefit fo those who are hesitating. i walk for an hour and then do a few breathing exercises and then some exercises for each limb and exercises for the back and a lot of sit ups. i do 100 sit ups at a stretch. i do it slowly but helps keep a check on my stomach.
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• Philippines
24 Nov 08
I am big boned, and after my board exam I will try to hook back to video hip hop since it helped me loosen my body and reduce weight.
@jambi462 (4595)
• United States
16 Nov 08
I tend to fast and excercise on rare occasions. Walking for extended periods of time also seem to do wonders for the body.
@mnr367 (65)
• India
16 Nov 08
i ahve a lean body. so i dont have to waste too much time to do the excersice and also i dont have any restriction in my food selection.