Kills 99.9% of germs

@RieRie (820)
November 16, 2008 11:45am CST
What's the 1% that doesn't get killed? Or is it that people don't know all germs, so leave that 1% off just in case a new germ is discovered?
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@pumpkinjam (6859)
• United Kingdom
17 Nov 08
Usually, they say it kills 99% of all "known" germs so they cover themselves for the eventuality that other germs will be discovered. I would think that they can not really be sure if all germs are killed although it might be deliberate because it would be really bad to have absolutely no germs at all. We need some germs so we can fight them and keep our immune system working.
@dorypanda (1597)
5 Dec 08
Apparently nothing will kill 100% of germs. They aren't allowed to say it will because that's against the trade descriptions act or something like that. Maybe it's just that 1% of germs have legs and run away.