have you experienced an answered prayer?

United States
November 16, 2008 11:06pm CST
I experienced a lot....but one thing I can never forget was that when I made a real sincere prayer that I cried a lot. I felt I was entrusting everything to God and asking the answer so unconditionally. And it was answered...not immediately but He did. What about you? Do you have experience like one?
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• United States
28 Nov 08
for sure i have, not only once but so much. I guessed as long as you are sincere He really answer it, and if its really for you he will give it to you.
@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
20 Nov 08
Yes...many times already that sometimes I feel like I am not worthy to ask anymore. I am joining different competitions and I make it a point that before the contest day arrive, I will attend a mass on our chapel. This is a lucky charm for me because my winning streaks continued. Even though there's no contest, I am attending a mass on there too. This became my devotion to Him for having me and my family so blessed in our life.
• Canada
17 Nov 08
I experience a lot of that in my life ever since. I pray and ask and also ask through intercession with Saints. Many of it had been answered fast, some are quite a bit long before it happens and a liitle bit of prayers have not been answered. God know's whats best for us and he can see beyond so he knows what will happen if he give it or not. There are three answers, God can give to our prayer's it's Yes, No and Wait. Yes, because he knows the things we asked would give good things to us and birng us joy in our hearts. No, when he knows something bad will happen or that thing is not for you or it's not the best for you or it will lead you to something that will hurt you. Wait, sometimes God will give some test in order for you to prove you are deserving for the thing you asked. And also how long are you willing to wait for the prayer to be answered. All of our prayers are being heard by God. We also must do somthing for a heard prayer thats to thank him. Also we should put faith when we pray that God will be there to listen. And we should also give sacrifices for some of our prayers nothing will come easy to you unless you should sacrifice and work for it.
• Philippines
17 Nov 08
I've learned that when it comes to answering prayers, God is never in a hurry. When we pray, sometimes God says YES, sometimes He says NO, and sometimes HE says wait. Waiting is a difficult task but one thing is certain, God is never early..and He is never late. For everything that happen to us, God intended it for good. He knows our every single frustration, desire, disappointments and needs. www.2reign4ever.wordpress.com