Will you be a bit nervous when you have a meeting with higher officials?

@sivanj (1263)
November 24, 2008 3:38am CST
In office environment we will have meetings with higher officials. When others are going to present we will be happy as we will only have to listen or follow. But when it is our turn to take the stage and face the officials..... how good and comfortable do you feel? Will you be a bit nervous when you have a meeting with higher officials? What are your experiences?
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@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
26 Nov 08
It is but natural to feel nervous when meeting very important people... but we have to put in our minds that they are also humans like us... and by doing that... we will free ourselves of some of the nervousness we feel inside... I remember in that past that i would sometimes look like i am about to faint when given the task of presenting something infront of high officials... but i would always pull it through... since that is a part of my job...
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
25 Nov 08
I guess it's normal to feel nervous.. ANd no matter how confident we are, but still it's our first time, and we will naturally wanna create a good impression for ourselves in front of them.. But in the end, that becomes a pressure, and it always makes things worsse rather than better.. hehe ^_^ That's why, my manager in the past, always tell me, dun bother about their ranks or position, just present it in my own way, and treat it like a normal meeting.. haha
• Philippines
24 Nov 08
Who wouldn't anyway? I think this is very common to all people. When we are going to meet someone in a higher position we feel nervous meeting them. Specially if I ammasking a favor from them I am nervous to the bones.
@stephcjh (33511)
• United States
24 Nov 08
Yes. I get nervous around those types of people anyway. They do not make you feel at ease or comfortable at all, as it is.