Mumbai terrorist attack

@mokbul (616)
November 27, 2008 8:53am CST
A few discussion on this issue has been posted in mylot. I have responded one. Terrorists once again showed their strength and proved that what they can do if they want do despite so much of security measures. Probably analysts will try to find how did it happen and whether it could have been avoided totally. Terrorism is like a disease and has spread too much in the body of this world. Some wrong medication has worsened the situation rather than improving. In my opinion a thought full approach to the root of terrorism is essential to avert the situation. Force and violations will keep on increasing it. As the lesser powered terrorists are not able to avenge directly the revenge will be in varied new forms and mostly the innocents will be the sufferers. What is your opinion?
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@prasanta (1949)
• India
28 Nov 08
It is nice to say, and true enough to accept. However, who will bell the cat sir? Secondly, do the terrorists themselves know what is the origin? I do not think so. The original issues are mostly subsided soon. Not a single terrorist really knows why is this being done? They are mostly young men, and just provoked to do the act. So, whom to treat, where to treat and how to treat?
@owelm0408 (1011)
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
i think you have the point. In order to fully understand the world's situation on terrorism these days, we must cut its root. As we all know, terrorist believe that killing people would bring glory to them. They always connected God for this matter but for me, at whichever point of view, these kind of thinking or idealism is a total opposite of what really is God based on His attributes as the author of life, of love, of peace and of hope.
@pergammano (7691)
• Canada
27 Nov 08
First of all, let me say, I am so sorry for the innocents that are always caught in the middle of these horrendous acts. I do not understand what you mean by wrong medication! My opinion is that force has not disabled, so another tactic will have to be deployed! Hope you are safe thru all of this!