ways with dealing

United States
November 27, 2008 9:55am CST
hello, im sure if your reading this you struggle wit depression but i would like to see some of the responses this gets on hw one would deal with depression so in your response, tell how long you have been dealing with depression and a coping skill you find works best thank you all
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
8 Oct 10
I use to manage depression, listening musiq, playing violen and i like chocolates, and i feel i get refreshed after having my chocolates. And best remedy is Meditation, try breathing exercise, it will help you balance and handle depression.
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
6 Oct 10
Most time, its my work..with ontime deliveries and work loads. I try to divert mind on music and i feel better. We need to manage depression, as it is part of life in busy world. But if we concentrate, we can manage it. I does it through my yoga, listening music and going out on vacation.
@aileen18 (170)
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
i've been depressed too. GOD is the only one who helped me. i believe that if you'd ask help from him, he'll be there for you. just believe and have faith in him, trust him with all your heart and never let him go. i hope this would help.:)
@Porcospino (30476)
• Denmark
22 Dec 08
I had my first depression in 1998, and it lasted about half a year. Then some years passed and in 2005 I had my next depression. This time is was a very severe depression. I started taking antidepressants and I was admitted to a psychiatric ward. At first I didn't want medicine, but I must admit that is has been a great help. Medicine is not enough, though and it must be combined with therapy. I became friends with some of the other patients and talking to them has also been a help for me. Two other things have helped me overcome my depression: Exercise and writing. In the beginning I had to force myself to go for a walk, but I am glad I did, because it has been a very useful weapon against my depression. Writing has been another important thing, and it has helped me a lot to express my feelings and thoughts.
• India
4 Dec 08
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@heyurock (85)
• United States
3 Dec 08
I have struggled with depression for about 20 years now and I find that prayer and talking seem to be my best "working through it" tools