what will you do if you lost your job today?

December 4, 2008 12:28am CST
It is not a joke, maybe we everyone will happen to this situation tomorronw under the current bad financial crisis. Recently I always think about this question. If I am fired, I think it is not easy to find a new job. Many companies are hiring a lot of persons. Too big employment pressure everywhere. But I still have ideal. I want to bulid a website again and find good business on internet. I think internet economy will still have good prospects in the future. Do you have idea for your future if you are fired today.
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@oldboy46 (2129)
• Australia
28 Dec 08
If for some reason I was to lose my job today I would immediately telephone the other trucking companies to arrange an interview. Then I would spend all my time till I got a new job working on our small organic farmlet. At least that way we might be able to grow more vegetables and increase our income to at least help meet our mortgage and other monthly accounts. Things are quiet where I work at the moment so the truck drivers are taking it in turns to take some of our accrued holidays. At least we are getting paid each week and hopefully work will pickup before we run out of holidays. Even though I was on holidays for a month, most weeks I still got 1 or 2 days work which did help the finances. If I was to lose my job today, then I am still owed about 10 weeks annual leave/holidays and I would be paid for those. At least getting that pay would take some of the load off and give me time to find a new job. Yes I am one of the lucky people at least with regard to work. However I believe that in the coming months many more people throughout the world will suddenly find themselves unemployed. People losing their jobs at the present time is not the fault of any one person but simply the state of the global economy.
• Hong Kong
28 Dec 08
I think I will either set up my own business or find another job. These days, we all have the possibility of being fired, it's not about performance, it's about the economic situation. We just have to stay positive no matter what happened.
@aseretdd (13730)
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
Well, if i lost my job today... i think i will immediate try to find another one... i will give out my resumes to all companies where i can be of use... and while waiting... i will just try to get more mystery shopping assignments... and be more active with my online earning like here in mylot... No idle time for me... because i need to make ends meet... there are bills to pay and groceries to buy... so every cent counts...
@williamjisir (22820)
• China
28 Dec 08
Hello wz. I have never thought about this issue. It is a good discussion that has been raised. I think that it is better for us to think about this issue in advance before we get unemployed. So I think that first of all we need to save some money for the future in case we lose our job and have enough time to live on. Once we lose our job, we need to look for another job in another place or in the same city. But what is the most important is that we should get well prepared in our field with an excellent skill to be more competitive in looking for a new job. If we are all prepared for this, I don't think that it should be a big problem. My motto is: Remember to always get fully prepared and armed for an unexpected situation. Good luck and Happy New Year to you, dear wz.
• United States
7 Dec 08
we would be screwed! my hubby has already switched jobs and so our savings account has gone down during the transition so i dont have enough of an emergency fund for that kind of thing to happen again..
@faizi1 (157)
• Pakistan
4 Dec 08
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@jambi462 (4576)
• United States
4 Dec 08
If I lost my job today it probably wouldn't be all that big of a deal. I only earn like forty bucks a week from my job max and I'm usually broke anyways. That's why I'm online trying to make money.