Enough of noob talks

December 4, 2008 11:03am CST
This is my first time encounter here in mylot. We were exchanging referrals on our PTC site then I gave him my PTC referal link in message. He said he wants the banner because he can't click the link. Of course he can't click it because it's in txt format. Why does he can't type it manually since he can read and so by doing copy/paste? So I gave him the banner.. Then he saids "was failed it said Error! your IP is already been use!".. ok ok. Then I said, another site, try this.. of course in banner format like he wants. Then he said.. "What was your referral ID? There was no referral name in your referral page. If I will continue to register it might not be credited to you." lol Ok I'm enough of that person. I'm not mad. He's just a noob. Hope he will succeed earning. Oops! I registerd his Dingobux. hahahah! Thanks to me. So what's your story about some noobs wandering around? inside or outside mylot.
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@royal52gens (5398)
• United States
4 Dec 08
I do not exchange referrals with newbies. Many of them do not have enough experience to understand what they are doing. I am very cautious when dealing with newbies. On my profile page, I have several banners of sites that have paid me. I have been with each of these sites for many years. I own one of the sites after years of being a member. If a newbie wants a connection to sites, I tell them to go to my profile and check out the banners. Then it is up to them to join or not. I leave it to their choice.
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
Although he was a mylotter, I was careless. He too have several links in his page, and I picked Dingobux because this site's not bad. Until he acts very wierd, like he can't read letters in his age. or it's just a sort of tactic? nvm. thanks for the response! ^^