Some Sweet Dreams is too Easily to be recognized

December 6, 2008 8:04am CST
Have you ever dream and in your dream you actually know you are in A sleeping and dreaming condition. I hate that, it ruins the whole sweet dream when I have one. It happens to me, somehow I just know when having a good sweet dream that it just too much to be real and then it click my mind to think that maybe its only a dream and i'm actually just sleeping. then after that even though i still want the dream to last it can't help to faded instantly and I'm start waking up just after I realizing it. really stupid.. Maybe something are even too good for me to have in dreams..
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@jambi462 (4595)
• United States
6 Dec 08
No rather then coming to in your dream and being like woah I'm dreaming and then waking up, begin to embrace your dreams when you come to. Lucid dreaming, is being awake inside of your dreams while you are still awake. Nothing is too good too come true in your dreams. Dreams are a powerful thing.
• Indonesia
6 Dec 08
Yeah I do that, its good sometimes to have it, I just really hate to have it in Lucid dreaming kind of type, can We just dreaming without knowing that we dreaming?