Why do people own pet fishes?

@Sheepie (3118)
United States
December 7, 2008 12:53am CST
I kind of have always wondered why people so much like to keep fish in bowls and aquariums. They're very boring creatures, at least, most of them. Even the more interesting ones with the crazy colors and fins, and bulgy eyes probably get boring once you get used to how weird they look. I have one fish myself, an orangish male Betta fish. But he has become one of the family. Everyone has pretty much fed him at least once before now. I named him after the Italian male model Fabio and call him "The Sexiest Fish Alive." He's a friend of mine. But I know that it's not true that all people name their fish. Not all people think their fish have personalities. Not many people are lonely enough to be friends with a fish, I guess! I mean, it's nice to look at them, and watch them eat, but they're not incredibly fun. Even my boring dog is more fun, when I get him hyper it's a riot. You can't even really touch a fish. I guess it's relaxing to watch it swim around, but it's just that you don't really feel like there's any kind of bond going on. You can't even buy a fish a Christmas present. I mean, I'm getting everyone in the household a Christmas present. Even me! Even the dog! But the fish has his rocks, his food, and his little Buddha statue. What more could he possibly want? I'm sure he doesn't want a little brother or sister, because you know what Betta fish are famous for. Also, I do not want to breed them, either. So if fish can't really do much and they don't really become part of the family like pets do [except maybe the talking fish in the Cat In the Hat?] why do people have them? Why breed them? Why sell them?
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@fwidman (11515)
• United States
7 Dec 08
The only purpose of having fish as pets is to watch them It would be incredibly hard not to get relaxed by watching your fish in their tank, so I think that is a good thing. They are great for stress relief
7 Dec 08
Hi Sheepie, I find that watching my two gold fish soothing and they do have personalty, mine does, when I put my fingers to the tank, the love to come up to it and when I move it about, they move as well as if following my movement. I find humans rather boring to be honest with you and they are far too expensive to keep as well. LOL! Tamara
@dragon54u (31636)
• United States
7 Dec 08
Fish really are good company. I had a beta, Mr. Fishy, and he liked to follow me around as much as he could. His one gallon tank was in the kitchen so he saw a lot of me and the boys. He liked to chase my finger around when I moved it around the glass and would do spins and turns. He would also kiss me when I put my finger into the water. People don't realize that all animals have personalities and and are capable of affection. Yes, even snakes, I had a snake that was one of the best pets I ever had and very cuddly.
@riyasam (16570)
• India
7 Dec 08
i don not either breed or sell but i do have a fish bowl ,they are the easiet to manage.we live in an apartment were pets are not allowed except for fish bowls.my kids too want a pet,so a fish bowl seemed like a good opption.
@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
7 Dec 08
I agree with you there about them. cd