Will you go to see those films that other people recommened to you?

December 8, 2008 5:57am CST
For the most of time I would watch a film after searching for its comments, but sometimes some friends of mine would told me that they had just watched a very very very good film and I would feel the same after watching. And for the most of time I would say, oh yes I would like to watch it if I got time. But actually I woundn't for the most of time. Of course, I would say that that's not so good to behaved like that, but anyhow I thought different people have different feelings about the same thing, and maybe they like those films they had watched but not me. Therefore in order to not hurt their feelings I would say yes to them first and then check the film. If it's really worth a watch, I would download it from the Internet, but if not so intresting to me, I would just forget about it. That't the way I did to those films my friends recommended to me, how about you, what's in your minds, friends? Let me know.
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@Porcospino (30081)
• Denmark
8 Dec 08
Sometimes I watch the films which people have recommeded, but I think that my taste in films is often differrent from my friends' taste. The films which I like to watch are quite "unusual" and most of my friends don't like them. The same goes the other way around - many of the films that other people like don't really appeal to me. If someone recommends a film, I like to read a bit about it before I decide to watch it, but sometimes I just decide to give it a try, who knows, I might get pleasantly surpriced
• India
8 Dec 08
yeah and i always do normally i dont listen to teh reviws but wht my frinnds and fanmliy tell me they tell me good movies cuz they knwo me n they can decide! happy lotting n have a nice day
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
8 Dec 08
I feel the same when my friends reccomend some "awesome" movie.You know, I just go on Youtube, paste the title of the movie, watch some short videos taken from it and then decide - watch it or not.In most of the cases I choose not to watch it.I really disagree with their choice of movies, but I don't wanna hurt them.People have different tastes in many things,sometimes I wonder how we manage to be together sometimes. :D