What do you think of Fate/Stay Night

December 13, 2008 12:44pm CST
I think it's a very interesting anime but not much people seemed to have watched it before. Any one interested to share some thoughts on this anime?
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@canxnac (421)
• Indonesia
30 Dec 08
I finished watching it months ago, and totally hooked by it. For me, the plot is a bit confusing at first, especially during the scenes about Saber's past. The ending is so touchy, I can't stop watching the scene when Shirou stood on the bridge, recalling the memories about Saber and saying about 'things that couldn't be reached even if he extended his hands' whatsoever.. that's just so sweet! _
• China
9 Apr 09
Nearly everyone knows it in ACG group, but only that small subculture group. It's a sucessful anime, which previously is a PC game.
@dearlot (175)
• Brunei Darussalam
15 Dec 08
hrm, i like the drawing but i am not a fna of watching it because i never tried watching it , the title sounds not attractive and i just saw the anime and watch the drawing , nothing much , i didnt even know what the story plot was about but i watch only one episode , thats is , is it taht interesting? maybe i'll trying watching it when its showing, :) thansk for sharing by saying its interestin! :D i'll definatley try to watch it.
• Malaysia
23 Dec 08
Some people find the plot a bit too complex to enjoy though. Because the story is based on a Japanese AVG game which has three mainlines (each one focusing on one of the three main heroine), there are hidden stories within a lot of their dialogs. Fate Stay Night is the basic story line which gives the story about the main casts Emiya Shiroh and his spirit-summoned servant Saber. Perhaps it needs a lot of background understanding before the story can roll, the first episode is very slow moving but the following ones can pick up pace rather fast into tight battles which involves swordsmanship and also magic. Hope you'd enjoy it like I did when you watch it.
• United States
11 May 09
I loved it. It had a great mix of action and romance and it reminded me of Claymore but i prefer Claymore