Period of your Life you Want to Relive

@uditpanda (1023)
December 13, 2008 1:03pm CST
If given a chance by god, what is the day or period of your life you would like the most to RE-LIVE? I think the ideal answer for many would be their childhood days but for me it is my college days. I have enjoyed most in my life during my college days & i want to relive the moment with all my friends for a second time in my life. Please post your views....
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@Porcospino (31595)
• Denmark
13 Dec 08
I would like ro relive my time in Italy. I have lived in Italy more than once, but the first time was the best. I went to language school at that time and I had some really great friends. There was one friend who was especially important to me. He is probably the best friend I have ever had in my life, and I will always remember him. We kept in touch after we left the school, and I was supposed to visit him in his country, but he got involved in a car accident and I never managed to visit him. If I could I would like to relive our time in Italy, because at that time he was still happy and healthy.
@LaurenInLA (2271)
• United States
13 Dec 08
Interesting question. When I first read the question, I thought of college as well. It was such a tremndous time of learning and growth for me and it was probably the single most life changing event of my life. When I really gave the question some thought though, I had to choose my childhood because during that time everyone that I loved was healthy and alive. My extended family used to be so close and once my Grandmother passed away, things were never quite the same.