Can you handle the truth?

United States
December 15, 2008 12:36pm CST
If someone were to be blatantly honest with you about the person you are, would you be able to listen to their truth, or would you get angry and try to defend yourself and lie to yourself and the person instead?
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@meow1978 (190)
• Malaysia
15 Dec 08
The truth Hurts! It depend which situation. A real friend will tell you the truth. For example, if a friend tell you that you have a very bad body smell even though you just take a shower, what will you do? Or telling you that your assignment is a rubbish even though you have done it 24 hours without sleep. What you you do when you receive those comment. We human have ego in us and never agree on other people thought and ended up we will get hurts whenever people start tell you the truth. I say, we must be humble and handle the truth because the truth will improve us.
• United States
15 Dec 08
awesome remarks!!! thank you so much for your truth! It is true that the truth is sometimes hard to hear, but if you truly want to be a better person, and live a humble life, the way God wants us to, an honest life, than you have to learn to accept the truth, even if you don't agree with it. One thing that might be confusing is this....someone tells you your assignment isn't any good even though you worked on it for 24 hours with no that the person's opinion? is that the truth? maybe your friend is being honest with you about how he feels about your paper....doesn't mean it's wrong though does it? That is just your friends opinion
@1hopefulman (45125)
• Canada
16 Dec 08
I hope that I would be able to listen. And hopefully what they would say, would be somewhat complementary. LOL
@Porcospino (31367)
• Denmark
15 Dec 08
I would probably get angry at first and I would try to defend myself. The truth hurts and when I get hurt I often get angry, so I guess that would be my initial reaction. On the other hand if people don't tell me the truth I'll just make the same mistakes over and over, and sometimes it is neccesary to hear the truth. Even though I often get angry and hurt at first, I usually appreciate their honesty once I've had a chance to think it over.