Did you hear this great news? i am stunned.

@sivanj (1263)
December 18, 2008 3:50am CST
I read in the newspapers today that a woman with disfigured face has got her face nearly transplanted in Cleveland. this is no a cosmetic surgery. she was said to have no face, no jaws and all. but now she can feel her nose and jaws and other parts. Previously, she was made fun off by people on the roads. Now she will be able to face the society more boldly. What an advancement in science!!!
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@kun2349 (23473)
• Singapore
18 Dec 08
NO comestic surgery, and yet she's ableto get her face back?? That's really amazing, and i wonder how do the doctors do it.. hehe ^_^ UNless, they use a mask, recreate all her facial features again?? IF not, i cant think of anything doctors can do.. haha But somehow, i feel that it has something got to do with plastic surgery, because they are the specialist in that.. hehe ^_^ ANyway, it's good that she managed to have her 'face' back, and that's something worth to be happy about ^_^
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
18 Dec 08
Yes. I heard about this too. It is amazing what they can do with technology and science these days.
@warrior_777 (1392)
• Philippines
18 Dec 08
Really. That was amazing! The advancement of Science becomes a big help of every one now. Not just for technology but now also for surgery too. Good to know how they have helped that person. Thanks for sharing that news.
@aakay4u (799)
• India
18 Dec 08
I didnt see nor read the news.Its a miracle really.Just unimaginable.Thanks for sharing this news,otherwise woudnt have known about it.