Telling Santa Clause

United States
December 19, 2008 11:29am CST
Do you think when parents tell kids about Santa Clause, they're telling their kids lies? I only ask because a friend of mind told me she won't when she has kids, because she feels it's lieing to kids.
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@teka44 (3421)
• Brazil
19 Dec 08
Hi smartie. I don't think so. They are telling a folk-tale and Saint Nicholas was real. I think that is wonderful keep the magic of Christmas for children. If we take all the beauty and magic of the things and tell only the reality to the kids what they will remember of their childhood? The real life is what they will have the whole life. So why not keep beautiful dreams in their little heads? Things that only a child can enjoy and believe and make our childhood wonderful and magic. The happiness and expectance we can see in the eyes of the children in Christmas time is unique and we will not see this again when they grow up. And it is beautiful to see.
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@suzzy3 (8349)
19 Dec 08
How ridiculous is that.Its not serious lying it is a bit of harmless fun.I think your friend will soon run out to friends her childs age as if her kid spills the beans she will not be very popular,I worked with kids that age and I have never had one child fall out with their parents over father christmas,I have never come across any child that has ever been upset because their parents have told a little white lie.I am sure she will change her mind when she wants her childs childhood to be full of fantasy and fun like the rest of us.xx