@akangirl (2436)
December 20, 2008 12:53am CST
Now less users come online on ciao after change in incentive program. But i would say on ciao earning is still not hard if we all rate each other reviews.Now we get paid high for ratings lets do that. Even on my lot we don't earn that much as in ciao. I will also rate and comment your reviews. commenting is must i think because that way one gets encouragement and looks like you rated review because you read it. What do you say?
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@maroseqf (3657)
• Philippines
20 Dec 08
I have not noticed about the reduction of members logging into their account since I just joined late in November. Well, I think after ciao had revised their incentive program, some members got disappointed and frustrated because they have been earning a lot by just writing reviews. They made it as their milking cow. Anyway, I still visit ciao and read, rate and give comments to the review of other members. See you there! Happy Lotting!
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@successlog (3172)
• China
23 Dec 08
i don't like ciao any more.Because it let me down and lose confidence to earn money with reviews.It is a bad experience to me.just check my personal making money blog to see the post about my bad experience on ciao. If so, you would understand my feeling about here i must say it is not a good way to exchange rate with each other.Because ciao is very very stict now.and it is not a good way to earn money for me now. keep moving.
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• Pakistan
20 Dec 08
ya i think.u say right. Ciao is going well. we should do earning at that also.but this mylot is also good.
@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
20 Dec 08
I am joined with Ciao but have not had much time to spend there. I have a couple of friends there that do really well with them. There is good earning potential there but I just do not have the time since I work alot of other sites daily.
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