Does UFO exists?

@mokbul (616)
December 20, 2008 5:58pm CST
I was writing an article on UFO yesterday. Does really there is anything called UFO exists or it is our imagination only? Media published many incidence with photos to prove that UFO exists. Still I do not believe it. In today's technology photo is not just good enough to prove it. Do you believe in UFO?
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• Albania
24 Jan 09
please people. Ufo doesn't exsist. los UFO estan solo una imaginacion de la gente. Yo por mi misma nunca ha creido en esas tonterias porque yo creo en algo que veo en personal. y quando lo voy a ver personalmente ahora si que voy a creer de verdad.
@vikeyshuy (284)
• China
15 Jan 09
a little.i have seen many reports about the mysterious events happend just on one night around the world such as strange circle and is said our humans can't make it with one night time and scientists can't explain why all this happen.
• Malaysia
10 Jan 09
i also don't believe in ufo. it's only human imaginations for me. sometimes it's funny when i heard that there is someone believe that the ufo is the aliens that was been sent from God for humankind. what a funny idea.
• Philippines
6 Jan 09
Yes, i do believe so. UFOs stands for unidentified flying objects, and if you browse the net you could see a lot of information regarding this subject. I personally encounter a UFO. Today it is not a matter of asking if it exists, but whether people would believe it exists.
@jzqt27 (541)
• Canada
21 Dec 08
does ufo exits? that's a question people would like to know. for some people they think there is ufo out there. but, in my opinion, there's no such thing.