As an individual, do you think we have the role in curbing the Global Warming?

Saudi Arabia
December 26, 2008 2:57pm CST
As we have read in the newspapers, magazines and have seen in the TV programs, some of the government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs) and concerned environmentalist groups are very busy promoting the preventive measures for the Global Warming. The Global Warming is already affecting the planet earth in different ways. If not prevented, the earth will be in danger as well as the humanity as a whole. Some scientist predicted that the "tipping point" will be in the year 2025. Anyway, some government agencies and other groups are already doing their part. How about us, as an individual? Do you think, we have the role in curbing the Global Warming? What shall we do now?
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@muru1950 (963)
• India
29 Dec 08
Every individual has the responsibility to save our world from the global warming. Dr.Abdulkalam, the former President of India,a renown scientist, once told in an interview,two simple things for this issue. I am very glad to write those things in this forum. 1.Every family should grow a minimum of five fruit trees in their garden. 2.We should use bio-gas as fuel to our vehicles. Is it not a simple remedy?On my part,I am growing about ten fruit trees in my home garden. Will you also do,my lotters? Happy mylotting.
@smartie0317 (1612)
• United States
26 Dec 08
No, I do not believe we do to be honest. The earth is very old and very big. Humans have hubris and believe we are a lot more responsible than we truly are for all of these changes. The earth's climate comes in cycles. We actually follow ice ages. The earth's place to the sun, which we can not control, has the impact to affect climate. Also, the shape of it's axis, which we also can't control. It ranges from oval to circular.