Does love involve work?

United States
December 26, 2008 8:28pm CST
I was talking to a friend who did not like her fiance's Christmas gift to her. She was annoyed and she said he should know better. I said love sometimes take work. She said no. When you're in love, you should know things. So, here is my question to you, and more so for those who found their love: Can love invovle work?
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@deebomb (15317)
• United States
27 Dec 08
Yes Love does take work or at least effort with both parties. One should make an effort to learn what the other one likes and dislikes. one has to pay particualer attention to detail like what color does one wear most often to know what color that person likes. One party should not expect the other party to know what is expected either with out telling the other person. No one is a mind reader.
@suzzy3 (8349)
27 Dec 08
Ithink you should work at love and keep it fresh.Other wise it will go stale.How on earth do you think these marriages last for thirty years or more.I think your friend needs to rethink her relationship men are not mind readers and need to know they are appreciated just like us.It is a two way thing love.I am always running my husbands bath for him and doing things like make him a cuppa tea ect.Plus he goes up the shop and gives me a cuddle,We make sure we have a cuddle when he comes home from work and we talk to one another.Hold hands when we go out and I go to the dentist with him and he goes with me,we have lasted sixteen years and are still very happy together,we sometimes have a row but thats you say love does take work and once you stop thats it.
@suzzy3 (8349)
6 Jan 09
Thanks for BR.xx