why is it that men think that women are weak?

Slidell, Louisiana
December 29, 2008 1:00am CST
i have this ex who think i can not make it without him.what he fails to realize is that i was fine before him i will be after him.have you ever had a man like this?
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@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
26 May 09
the thinking that women are weak naturally started way, way back then. that means the only means of survival was by hunting. if one cannot hunt one is either useless or weak. women fell in that category. then it just became sort of a cliche.
@cinna34 (11)
• United States
7 Jan 09
Speaking as a WOMAN we are the weaker vessel.which only means that physically we are weaker than men. However mentally we are much stronger.Able to not only carry our babies but to nurture them love them and determine the best way to raise them. as well as still be able to run a household whether its a 2 parent or single mother situation, taking care of our resonsibities as a wifeand mother,work,and still hold it down. yeah we are the weaker vessell! and thats ok because we have been blessed with something far more greater than strength.Its the abity to not just move that heavy rock out of the way, but to get it done without having the strength to do it....
@Lucifey (93)
• China
6 Jan 09
That's because those men they think they are strong, but actually, they're the weakest ones in this world.
@bellis716 (4802)
• United States
31 Dec 08
That belief is a hold over from the time when it took brawn to make a living. It is true that most women are physically weaker than the average man. However, with an education and a few labor saving devices, a woman can take care of herself quite well now days. Tell your ex that you're not buying into his cave man attitude.
• Australia
30 Dec 08
It is actually a trait of humans in general. And mostly found in people who are insecure abuot themselves. What happens in their minds is that they believe you can't live without them, when in truth, they probably find it hard to be without you. Most of these people are very clingy and posessive by nature and are usually only children or have come through the foster care system. these people have weak personalities, but because they want to appear strong, they try and pick on those people who are stronger than them to feel powerful.
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
29 Dec 08
It is a macho thing. He will get over it.
@kkthom3 (279)
• United States
29 Dec 08
I think that men just don't understand that women are storng in a different way than they are. For instance, men naturally have more upper body strength than women so they think they are stronger and can lift heavier things. But women have more muscle strength in their hips, mainly for childbearing purposes. And since childbirth is the most physically demanding thing that most average people will go through in their lifetime, that makes women much stronger.
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
29 Dec 08
Hi There! Well, thank Goodness I don't have a man like that. My boyfriend treats me with respect and he believes in me. he supports me in whatever I want to achieve in my career. Maybe, your EX thinks that you can't make it without him because he believes that you still want to stay with him but it doesn't mean that he thinks that you are weak.. For me it is a normal feeling for a guy or girl... you know.. the sound of bitterness... When I broke up with my ex, he thought that I can't be happy and I really thought that i will not but that is just because we ware both BITTER to what happened to us.. not because we thought that we are weak... :) Thanks for the discussion! Happy Holidays and Happy Mylotting! Cheers!
@sid556 (30986)
• United States
29 Dec 08
Some men like to think that way....it's all about their egos. I had a man like that and I did leave him and am doing fine as a single mom. he doesn't even pay child support and cries poor. We do struggle but we get by and are much happier now than when we were with him.
@cupkitties (7439)
• United States
29 Dec 08
Why are you still communicating with him? You gotta stop that. Some guys and women even say things like that as a control method. It will work on you, if you really believe what he is saying and have a low self esteem which apparently you don't, so ignore him and tell him to buzz off.
• India
29 Dec 08
Oh its mainly coz I think men are more physical-centric than mental. What I mean is that in evolution, men have retained more of the animal character than women and hence their typical thought is more around the physical aspect than the other aspects of mind, intelligence, emotion and so on. Women are of course physically weaker than men and that makes men think that we are dependent on them for everything.