Your Boon for 2009 is against Violence, Povert, Terrorism, Security, Enmity?

@sivanj (1263)
December 29, 2008 1:11am CST
If God gives you one boon which you can ask for the year 2009, what will you ask for? It shall not be selfish one. It shall be the one for the world. Will it be against Violence / War, Poverty, Terrorism, Safety and Security (of self), Enmity with our fellow human being? You can also ask for some other bigger problem that daunts the world.
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@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
30 Dec 08
It will be against poverty for me ^_^ I feel that nobody deserves to be poor, and nobody should be treated in such a way if they are poor.. ANd being rich doesn't give them any rights to abuse their power and money even.. PLus, the rich are always getting richer and the poor will never be able to srike it big.. What's more, ple with riches only use their money for their personal gains, but not to help those poor ple or even share some of it with them.. Since now, man and women cna be of equal rights, so i cant see the reason why the rich and poor cant have the equal rights too.. lol
• Malaysia
30 Dec 08
I think I would ask for less poverty. As a debater, I always face socialogical questions on what works best to make a better society. When I look at the problem, I see tons of statistics telling me how many people are suffering, completely ignored by the richer people who lives far far far away from areas where poverty governs people's lives and fate. Well, I believe we all hope for world peace. I always believe that peace comes from everyone getting the food and the warmth they need to survive. You can stop a war, you can stop terrorist, you can perhaps keep yourself safe enough in a stronghold or something, but so long as you don't solve poverty issues, there's no guarantee to peace.