Mosquito repeller or Mosquito nets?

@sivanj (1263)
December 29, 2008 5:35am CST
Mosquito repeller - medically not recommended - but used extensively Mosquito nets - Very safe as it does not harm health - not very much used I prefer and use Mosquito nets. Which one do you use?
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
30 Dec 08
I will prefer mosquito repeller, if not mosquito coil but never mosquito net.. lol =D I have tried using all three of them b4 while i was in the army, and mosquito repeller will be my top choice.. It's sort of odourless and its applied externally on the body.. haha As for mosquito coil, the effects are good but the smoke from it will affect my sleep and breathing.. I willn ot use an mosquito net becasue it's so warm sleeping inside though i can be sure to be freed of all mosquitoes.. lol
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@mariposaman (2967)
• Canada
29 Dec 08
I live in Canada but mosquitoes are still a problem in the summertime. We have screens of our windows so the bugs do not get inside and you can sleep without any protection. When you go outside of course there are mosquitoes around especially when you go out into the countryside and then you need mosquito repellent. We also have black flies, deer flies, no-see-ums and horse flies at different times of the year so you need a good repellent.
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@aseretdd (13731)
• Philippines
29 Dec 08
I used a mostquito net years ago when i was still living at my parents house... i share a room with my two other sisters... and i don't know why... but it seem like mosquitos prefer to bite me instead of any of them... so my solution... use mosquito net... i don't like the smell of mosquito repellers... they make me sick...
@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
22 Feb 09
Net are good when it is slep time, but when you are still watching TV in the Living room the best way to deal with mosquitoes is a repellant!
@ketybhagat (4125)
• India
28 Jan 09
Ooooo, I remember aa time when I was in college and we slept in a hostel with beds which had mosquito nets. God forbid if one of the mosquito gets into the net. Then we've had it. It will feast on us all night. We have to get up and jerk the mosquito net open to let out the mosquito and quickly snuggle inside. But as you say, mosquito repellents are not very safe.
@ashar123 (2357)
• India
28 Jan 09
I have always used Mosquito repellant while sleeping at night and I never read any report that Mosquito repellant are dangerous for health. You must have shared the medical report about Mosquito repellants are dangerous for health in your discussion.
@zhuhuifen46 (3484)
• China
29 Dec 08
I use mosquito repelling light and net, but when my grandson is visiting, we use only the net.