Boxers Without a Limelight

December 30, 2008 2:07am CST
There are lots of boxers out there who was not even acknowledged. Probably, this is due to the fact that they are not really quite known or they are not being owned by either Top Rank, Golden Boy Promotions, or any other promotions in the US. These boxers that I will be mentioning can be the biggest name that is yet to occur in mainstream boxing but is only known among boxing fanatics. Edwin Valero This Venezuelan has made history of knocking off his opponents in the 1st round. The hardest challenge that Valero had in his career was the defending WBA superfeatherweight title holder Loco Mosquera. Valera got decked somewhere in the rounds but eventualy made a good stand and took from Mosquera the title. The only stumbling block for this fighter's career is the inability of Nevade state commission to grant him boxing license for the big fights in las Vegas. This is due to the fact that previous Citiscan failed. Valero could not fight in the US due to a blood clot from a motorcycle accident. While it took a long time for some US state to grant him license, with Texas the lastest of them, the Nevada state could not easily hand to Valero the key to success which is the big fights in Las Vegas. For this reason, Valero adopted Japan as his second home and is being promoted by Tekken entertainment. And due to that boxing license which cannot be granted, Valero is stucked in his career and with the dismissal from Golden Boy for what he has done to Oscar De La Hoya while training for Pacquiao fight. Perhaps, one defining moment in Valero's career is a date with Manny Pacquiao. But for the mean time, he is still has to make his reputation and fight some other guys. Joan Guzman This fighter from Dominican republic has the quickness and the stance of Mayweather which really puzzles fighters. But the sad reality is that upon going on to upper wieght, Guzman has yet to win a knockout which he has not been since 2004. However, the guy is also a force to reckon in boxing world and will surely be one of the most interesting fighters to watch on. But due to a promotional outfit which is not as big as Top Rank or Golden Boy, Joan Guzman is only a footnote among boxing scribes. Chris John Yohannes Chris John is the Indonesian fighter who is the current title holder of the WBA featherweight champion. His notable win is against Juan Manuel Marquez in a dominating fashion. While most boxing fans argued that it is a robbed one, but to think that no Indonesian judges are scoring it, I think it is just a credit to this boxing champion who work his way out in dethroning Juan Manuel Marquez. But the thing is can he fought outside Asia and australia? Will his managers let their prized fighter fight in the American soil with lots of classy challengers on their way. And lastly, Chris John has been fighting as a featherweight, he might outgrown from being a featherweight. This will mean a body could betray him in any day. But as long as his promoters will let him settle in Indonesia, he will never get a piece of limelight just like other boxers in the Philippines did. For John, he might be just another fighter in footnote. While this fighters are something to take note on, certain blocks have taken them those chances of making mega bucks in the ring. They remain to be a fighter with clean sheets but less bucks.
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5 Jan 09
Valero career may have been sidetracked because he was not cleared medically to fight in the US, but that is no way a stumbling block to superstardom, but instead should be looked upon as a clear indication that he hasn't faced fighters that could give him problems as his pool of adversaries is only limited to those his japanese benefactor can attract to places where he is allowed to fight. Guzman and Chris John on the otherhand employ a boring boxing style that would turn off possible US promoters. Boxing shouldn't just be a showcase of defense, it should be a showcase of offense as well. Fighters running and clinching and showboating 75% of the time doesn't really make for a good boxing match... well, not unless you enjoyed watching Hopkins vs. Dela Hoya and keep in your collection videos of John Ruiz fights, and actually find it thrilling to watch them over and over again. Guzman had his chance at the limelight with a fight against Campbell for the latter's three alphabet titles last year, but Guzman picked it as the time to fool around with his weight which ended up in the fight being canceled. Guzman's unprofessional conduct with regard to that fight will forever be etched in the minds of promoters who will dare gamble with this boring aging fighter. Chris John on the other hand hasn't fought without hometown advantage, who knows how he performs in hostile territory! We all know he's not going to get respect and world recognition fighting in some bar at Kotakinabalu. I also doubt if you got to see the John vs. Marquez fight, because a close points win in one's hometown isn't really something I'd call a win in "dominating fashion". Some dude uploaded highlight of that fight in dailymotion, you might want to see how "dominant" Chris John was in that video, I assume you already saw that, being a "hardcore fan." Bottomline, of the three, Valero, with his exciting style, should be the only one given a chance to shine(and hopefully he does have what it takes to tango with fighters who don't moonlight as tuktuk drivers), and we can forget about ancient Guzman and "dominating" Chris John; boxing would be better off without boring fighters like these two.