what is your greatest worry?

December 31, 2008 6:03pm CST
The Greatest WOrry ask most people if they're going to heaven and they will say , " I hope so." if they are honest, they will admit that the thought of going to hell terrifies them. but God said in the Bible that we can know beyond any doubts that we are on our way to heave. first, the requirements for heaven have been met for us by JESUS CHRIST. HE lived a perfect life and then died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. then HE rose from the dead as proof that GOD had accepted HIS sacrifice for us. there is nothing we can do; it's a miracle of grace GOD has already done. second, the way to heaven is not by works but by faith. our response to the death of CHRIST and GOD's offer of love is to believe on JESUS. we can't lose it once we have it. salvation is a free gift of grace that cares for our spiritual vulnerability. once we believe in the finished work of CHRIST on the cross, we don't have to worry that we'll lose our chance at heaven when we fail HIM and sin. GOD has accepted us in CHRIST. HE could not write us off without writing off HIS own SON, and HE would never do that! trust in JESUS CHRIST, and eternity will be nothing to worry about! -adapted from What Can I do With My Worry? RBC
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