I'm so lucky!

@lishiwei (1550)
January 3, 2009 11:50pm CST
This turm is ending and there is no money in my pocket.I was so upset these days as I don't want to ask money for my parents.But today,I'm so lucky,I get some money very easy,not steal.Have you ever gotten some money very easy when you are very very poor?The feeling is really great!
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@riyasam (16556)
• India
27 Mar 09
oh,am feeling happy for you.when i was a teeneger,i never got any pockey money,i always had to ask for money from my parents for all my needs.i hope you spend your money wisely.
@lishiwei (1550)
• China
28 Mar 09
I feel it's really shame to do that now as I'm about 20th!
@galileo2008 (1141)
• Philippines
6 Mar 10
I had an experience of not having enough money in my pocket as well. When I checked on my debit card, I felt like I won't survive for a day because I ran out of cash. That was a tormenting moment for me because I didn't have any idea where to ask money. But then I realized that it's a lesson learned. If I have a money, I should not spend it all just because I want to buy things that I don't really need. Now whenever I have the luxury of getting high salary from my job, I should control myself from spending too much so it won't happen again.
@KrauseHome (36449)
• United States
9 Feb 09
There are many times in my life where I have really needed some money and it seems like somehow some is presented to me. Either someone decides to give me a Gift of a little extra $$, or I will get a check in the mail, or an online site sends a check or I get some $$ deposited in my paypal account, and it is nice for sure. I know that many times thru the power of god and Prayer when I really need something all I have to do is Pray and ask and if it is meant to be then it can happen.
@aditya540 (328)
• India
4 Jan 09
hmmmm,very good question buddy,but i did not face that problem yet, gods grace i always have enough money in my wallet perhaps let me share with u that i am very effecient in managing the resources. happy mylotting
• India
4 Jan 09
i am also feeling very hungry for money. have some money, happiness and all.. i hope