Paypal verifying.

January 7, 2009 6:30am CST
How does this work? Can I use a debit card or only a credit card will work? Did international members can also verify or just from the USA? I read the faq but is always better to know from people that already did it.
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@kcbomba (616)
• United States
31 Oct 09
One way l know a Paypal account can be conveniently "Verified" is via a Checking U.S. bank account (Offshore, you can say, if you live outside U.S.) . Please note that a Brokerage account (those used for trading on stocks) can't be used to verify; as Paypal doesn't accept that type of verification. Or, you can apply for their credit card - which is invariably implying the same thing; as you will still need to use a checking account to apply for the said card. This Paypal account verification has really become an issue of controversy, but even the verification thing does not end just there - the other hurdles that their account holders also face is that fact that your account can easily get "freezed" (limited) even with the slightest flaw committed. Not even Americans are finding it any easy. But just be conscious with opening and operating their accounts. Undisputedly, it still remains one if not the best payment option - they would say. lf time permits, l will post the guidelines on how to operate a Paypal account successfully.
@kcbomba (616)
• United States
18 Dec 09
You can verify Paypal with a Debitcard. But you can't verify a U.S. Paypal account using a Debitcard. I can help you with a verified Paypal account. Send me a message.
@zhuhuifen46 (3483)
• China
8 Jan 09
I used a credit card, but linked with visa. It did take some days to get the paypal code from the local bank. But once the code was entered, paypal verification is instant. During the peiord, I received friendly and effective assistance from service group.