pickjack sucks!

United States
January 10, 2009 8:11pm CST
so i recently joined this site. i like it it is fun and i learn new things, but im curious the other day i had 0.028 in my acct. then i logged back in later and i had 0.025. i thought maybe i just looked at it wrong....well today i log in and i have 0.021 why are my earnings going down? does anyone have any experience with this site? i posted that 2 weeks ago ...well today i log in and it has went down to 0.01 (and no i have not been paid yet by them.) on my other post someone said they had same problem.. does anyone know what could be happening? i wrote admin but no responce yet thanks
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@joystick7 (728)
• India
11 Jan 09
Pickjack works in a very different manner. Let me tell u why ur earnings decreased. It is a pool of money and if others answer more question and write more than they will get more money and it will take away from others. Its a small economy and set amount of money for each payout period. This means if u are not active then or others are more active then you then u will see that ur earnings would be transfered to some other member and if u are more active then others then their money will be transfered to u.
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@Ysabel (1201)
• Philippines
11 Jan 09
i experienced drop-off of earnings too. your response was very informative. thanks! it means, i have to be active everyday! that was bad because my earnings went down really!
• Norway
11 Jan 09
Thanks for the info. I was really confused about why my earnings fall. I was trying to search for an answer but I cant find anything on their site. I got 2.04$ yesterday and then when I logged in today, it was decreased to 1.33$. If thats how things work in pickjack, does that mean that I have to be logged in 24 hours? Because I just logged out to sleep and then today, it went down!
• United States
12 Jan 09
thanks so much. i was wondering what was going on.
@WebMann (4731)
• Canada
16 Jan 09
Yeah something is screwy over there at PickJack. I was up to almost $2.00 in my first day and the next day I had 75% less in my account. I was excited for at least one day. :) I agree they do suck.
@stephcjh (38557)
• United States
11 Jan 09
I have not heard of the site until today in another discussion. I hate to hear that it is not a very good site. That does not sound good that your earnings are going down.
@browneyed (2524)
• United Kingdom
11 Jan 09
I noticed the sudden dips in earnings too. I know that the more active you are on Pickjack, the more of the 'pool of money' you get. I did get in touch with them recently to verify what was going on and I got a reply back saying "currently the top earnings are false and we are looking into fixing that" and the money "will be going toward your balances". I like Pickjack. I enjoy the whole question and answer thing they've got going on. I'll give them til the end of the month to see how things go and then reassess whether I still want to be a part of it.
• United States
11 Jan 09
Are you serious? Wow and I was about to join that site. And they use fractions of cents too??? Screw that!
• India
13 Jan 09
Hi chantalgiardina In Pickjack the balance really depends upon the other users points. So if ur points getting decrees it means some 1 is earning more .they have a fixed amount for the payout for particular date .so buddy dont live it !!!! They pay the amount sectioned for ur account .