What do you do when it is bright and sunny in winters?

January 14, 2009 12:29am CST
In winters most days are dull and gloomy with either a fog or cloudy weather, but the day it is bright and sunny, it is fun to get out and sit in the sun. It feels really nice to sit outside. I even move my office outside to the terrace and sit in the sun all day. At home we even have our meals outside in the sun. It is a welcome relief when the day is bright and sunny.
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@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
26 Jan 09
Hi mercuryman3a, Most of the winter days are humid and it rains sporadically. However we do have our fair share of bright and sunny days. In the weekends I prefer to go out for a walk in the countryside. One can notice the waterfalls and the greenery and trees and flowers. We have a lot of sun during the summer period, so I cannot complain of having a bit of cold weather and rain. (c) ronaldinu 2009 - the more people I meet-the more I love my dog
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@ptrikha_2 (17044)
• India
12 Feb 09
Wow !! Bright and Sunny in Winters - that is a great thing ! I feel like sitting in the Sun , eating Fruits or just reading a Magazine or Newspaper . It is so much enjoyable .
@riyasam (16570)
• India
14 Jan 09
it is so dull here,but i donot feel like getting up in the mornings.when it is sunny,i usually do my washing as my clothes will get dried faster.
@syang0901 (120)
• China
14 Jan 09
Bright and sunny days in winter are the gifts God gives us. I often do some reading or drinking a cup of tea in the sunshine in winter. I can breathe the smell of the sunshine and the fresh air then. Tha's a good way to relax ourselves.
@loneleaf (165)
• China
14 Jan 09
yeah, sounds great! I am looking forward to live in the heaven just like you show me. Now I am in Chongqing, a southwest city in CHINA, and the weather in winter here is really too bad, everyday surround you will be the rain and the no-ending cloudy, the moist air make my bedquit shrink a lot and my cloth seem to be never dry. In the winter here, the temperature is not too low but for the reason of the moisture, everybody feel cold and we always go for "HUO GUO", a special and famous food in our country, it can drive the cold out of us. I haven't seen the sun for a long time, even to say that I could not to dream what I should do in the environment spraying of sun