are we becoming technoholic ????

January 14, 2009 6:54am CST
dont u think that we are very much dependent on technology. it is all around us we cannot even imagine our life without this. can u live without ur computer or ur mobile phone. other than this we r so much dependent on this that we cant even prepare our food and can't even clean our house. wat do u say are we really becoming technoholic like alcoholics???
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@baileycows (3667)
• United States
14 Jan 09
Yes, I think we are. However I am not that bad. I can still imagine mylife without it. I mean I have not been in this error to long in fact I think I would like some more simplicity in my life.
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• Philippines
14 Jan 09
actually i really can't live without my cell phone. i agree with you its just that we all really depend on the technology for our own personal reasons.
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• India
14 Jan 09
I think we are very much technoholi and particularly me..when i fiinish seeing tv i move on to the computer and next i go to the mobile phone and this has been my world for nearly two years and i cant imagine a world outside this and think that it would be difficult if these things are not there and if suppose ther is no current in my house then the major sufferer would be me more than others... Happy Mylotting
@pergammano (7690)
• Canada
14 Jan 09
You betcha....I often take a break from all the technology, as I grew up in an era when only the rich could afford a TV! I am very grateful that I grew up, NOT techno-dependent! Sometimes I don't go near my computer for cell phone I never use, unless I am going on a job-site, in a remote area, with NO other persons on-site....and only carry it in case I get injured. My home is not reliant on energy sources other than electricity! And still not that dependent on it! I heat with wood, therefore when the power is out (which is often on the small island I live on) I can cook on my wood stove, I collect my roof water, and pump it up to two by 10,000 gallon water storage tanks, so I always have water when the power is out! And I have Coleman Propane lamps for light! Cleaning the house, I opted for all wood floors which are swept! I hang my clothes to dry...and my washer is a gas-powered wringer-washer! I have chosen to be self-reliant, so that when power, etc., fail, there is really NO undue hardships! Good question!