No gravy in the UAE?

United Arab Emirates
January 18, 2009 1:02am CST
I love gravy. Fried chicken is never good without it. However, on a trip to the UAE last year, I was disappointed to find they didn't have gravy in restaurants there, even at KFC. I asked around and was told there's no gravy in the middle east. I did chance upon on that served something they call gravy - a Jollibee. However, the name is the only similarity. I don't even know what it was they served me. Does anyone know why there's no gravy in the UAE? Is this the case all over the Middle East?
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18 Jan 09
Blimey no gravy? We have gravy with everything! I live in the UK and couldn't imagine there being no gravy! We have it with chips, potatoes, meat everything! I wonder why that is... I shall be keeping an eye out to see if anyone can enlighten us on this mystery!
• United Arab Emirates
20 Jan 09
Yep, that's what I'm looking for - enlightenment. It's not like gravy's illegal, is it? From what I know, you use beef stalk to make gravy. And, there's a lot of British people in the UAE. I wonder what they think of that. Ketchup is just not as good on fried chicken.