First Ever Phone?

@sion316 (228)
January 20, 2009 12:40pm CST
What was the first ever mobile/cell phone that you owned? Did you like the phone or did you dislike it? Was this phone given to you as a gift or did you save up for the phone yourself? Also why did you get rid of your first phone was it broken or did you just like to buy a new one?
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@abcnadz (460)
• India
21 Jan 09
hey sion.. i got my first phone from my mom 6 years back. it was a samsung made one. i dont remeber hte model number. it was just a normal phone with not much features. but i loved the blue light the phone had. it was really awesome. i changed the phone because it had a lot of scratches in it. i got another nokia phone (the torch one). i never liked the phone because it dint have any special features. now i'm using a nokia 6300. it is good. lot of features. but now i realised that nokia torch ( i think its 1100) was the best. i dropped it so many times on the floor (accidentally), but still i dint find any complaints. the more the features in the phone, the easier it gets spoiled. :)
@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
21 Jan 09
Hi, sion316 My first cellular phone was a maroon/burgundy Nokia 6150. I am afraid I did not buy it with my own money. I bugged my parents to buy me a cell phone because I was then about to go on vacation and I was afraid to go without a phone because I might get lost in the big city. I loved it so much I had difficulty in letting it go when it got old. Have a nice day!
@snowy22315 (99620)
• United States
21 Jan 09
I had a big clunky cellular one telephone about ten years ago. It was cool to have a phone but it was one that I had to buy airtime and that was a pain. I like the phone that I have now. It is small and maneagable and does not give me any issues.
@May2k8 (11404)
• Indonesia
20 Jan 09
My first cellphone is Nokia, that was in the year 2001 and i like my an old cellphone. This phone is given to me from my older sister. That phone will be my collection :) Happy myLoting and Have a nice day
• Malaysia
20 Jan 09
My first cell phone was an ericsson.. :) a mustard yellow flip phone.. that was in the year 1998.. :) And it was a gift to me by my uncle.. and I changed the phone with my aunt because she had a nokia 3210 which was the hip phone at that time.. lol... What was yours? and thanks for creating such an interesting discussion that allowed me to walk down memory lane.. lol have a great day!
• United States
20 Jan 09
My first cell was a Tracphone. I was like 16 years old and I had to save up for it myself. I loved it, I think I had it for about a year. I was using it as a prepaid and I was on the cell a lot so at that time it got to expensive to keep it going. So I ended up getting involved in contract for cell phones. I think in the end I saved money. But now I am online more than I am on my phone. I have been thinking about getting a prepaid again and canceling my contract, but then again my cell has a lot of features that I am not sure I want to just give up. So my first phone was a Tracphone. I think if someone is just starting out with a phone than it is a great company to start out with. Grat discussion and good luck with it sion316, happy mylotting as well.
• Canada
20 Jan 09
i bought a phone about 13 years ago. it was an old big clunky cell phone. it was pay as you go but i can't remember the company it was bell and then i switched it over to a plan. the only feautre it had was caller id. at the time it was a good phone was one of the top ones. wouldn't be nice these days. lol