you found me- meaning?

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January 21, 2009 12:03pm CST
What does this song mean exactly? Is it bashing God like I think it is? And in the beginning is it saying that God was smoking a cigarette? I'm confused cuz maybe it just represents something. LIke " the corner of first and amistad" what is that? Am I trying to read too much into it? Explain it to me please cuz I like the song but not if it's bashing God.
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15 Nov 11
I think the phrase "smoking his LAST cigerate" has meaning that some people are over looking. If you have ever been a smoker you have probley asked to "bum one" and that to ask someone for a cigerate is to be in desperate need of nicoteen. Obviously god is saying "sorry bro, im all out..this is my last one..I would if I could". This is one of those answers from people that really sucks to hear but you are able to except and understand.
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11 May 09
I agree with almost everybody else on this post. Something about waiting for god, but, having god not make it in time. Instead the man has to look for god himself who seems to be found at the corner of "first and amistad". It relates to biblical meaning of course. Where is god? How people must find him sometimes and look past everything else to get to the truth. But the song has a sad spin onto it, for the man is too late in finding him.
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2 Apr 09
It's not bashing God. The main singer of The Fray is a serious Christian. The song is about being frustrated with God, but still putting faith and trust in Him. The corner of first and amistad is a street intersection... but it really doesn't have any symbolic meaning to it.
• Philippines
23 Jan 09
No. It's not the meaning of the song. The song basically means "Why bad people live, better lives, why they get lots of good stuff"...
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• Jamaica
21 Jan 09
I'm sorry that I cannot help you here as I have never heard of the song!