Teachers with accents

United States
January 23, 2009 12:26am CST
I am going to school to become a teacher. I see many diverse woman. Really don't see many men. None this semester. Anyway, there's two women in my classes with very thick accents. The one woman has a heavy accent and misprounces many words. The other woman has a thicker accent and often can not be understood. The professors ask her to repeat herself often because they do not understand her. Both of these woman may end up teaching young children if they graduate and get jobs. Would you want your child to have a teacher like this? Should American schools hire teachers like this? Also, would you mind if your young child began speaking in such a manner due to their teacher?
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@moneymaya (901)
• India
23 Jan 09
This is really bad to hear and it will definately affects to much the childrens parent should really make a complaint about this and I think this is basically the responsiblity of the school managements since children doen't know what is the write or wrong so how can the show their view to their parents and till then parents can't do any thing , at least till now their is no rule of testing teacher by parents , thanks for sharing
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@oadgmd (102)
• Philippines
25 Jan 09
I too believe that this women will improve with time. It just takes time to discipline ones tongue. Im sure sooner or later they will improve. Plus, having a good accent doesnt mean you can be a good teacher.
@suzzy3 (8350)
23 Jan 09
When the kids go into the outside world they will come up against all accents and cultures,so get them ready at school, in my experience most kids ask and point these things out and can be quite rude or innocent and it will be good for the teacher and the child they can learn from each other,i used to be a classroom assistant a long time ago and I am not sure who learnt the most me or the kids,but a good time interesting time was had by all and we all got a lot out of it.Maybe you could suggest to the proffesors they have a course in spoken language for the teachers maybe two or three weeks,then again you will probably have all languages in your classroom when you qualify .Good luck with your studies and what subject and age group will you be teaching.
• Philippines
23 Jan 09
hello smartie.. these women will improve in time.The reason why they are in your class is that they are also eager to learn. I know many teachers who are very fluent yet don't know how to teach..